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Thinking of starting a small food business? (We all have our dreams,) whether it be a beautiful Bed & Breakfast in a historic house, a spectacular vintage Tea Room, superior home-made cake shop, Private Dining Club or a stall on a local market, you can make it happen, we did & we are here to help and share our experiences with you.

Over the years we have built up a wealth of experience in the small food business. (read more on our blog.) A Cook in the baking From food hygiene, Allergens & HACCP, recipe creation, menu & event planning, costings & of course cooking, In later years we have developed our Social Media & website skills, a necessity to today’s world to promote your small Food business.

food, food hygiene, recipe creation, small busines
Scores on the doors

Of course you do not need to be starting a small food business to benefit from our experience. We are also available for cookery lessons. cookery demonstrations, Food hygiene & Allergen advice & Social Media instruction. We can even write & publish a blog, complete with photographs, especially for you.

Maybe you have looked for cookery classes in the past, but couldn’t find quite what you wanted? The time didn’t suit you or what was being taught wasn’t quite you. Perhaps you don’t drive or you prefer to be taught in your own home?

Carry on reading as we can come to your rescue:

Having spent the past 40 years, in the numerous different kitchens, cooking, creating, organising and washing up, the time has come to share my experience & teach you to cook, what YOU want to learn.

This is how it works:

You decide what you would like to master and along I pop, armed with my kitchen gadgets and trusty spatula to teach you. It’s as simple as that.

My last client, a lovely man whose wife had booked him some lessons & given them to him as a Christmas present – not silly is she – . The gentleman concerned had a penchant for cooking sponge cakes and fruit pies, but hadn’t quite mastered the techniques. “What does dropping consistency mean” he wailed. ” I mean everything will drop at some stage, it’s called gravity” I stifled a grin and we set to work. Once we creamed the butter and sugar together until it was light and fluffy, he was all to eager to get his fingers in the bowl and feel the texture. At this point I had to remind him that it was not for eating just yet, as we needed to add the eggs and carefully fold in the flour to obtain the required dropping consistency. The light had switched on and he was now confident he would be able to replicate the techniques for himself, once I had left. While the sponge was baking we moved onto two large Apple Pies, complete with home-made short crust pastry. Having a little time left over I showed him how to make a dairy free lemon cake and to say he was over the moon, would be an understatement.

Cooking Lessons,recipe creation,learn to cook, home cooking
Home Cooking,Cookery Tuition

So you see that’s how it works. You can choose to cook, what ever you want.

Like the gentleman above, you can opt for 1 to 1 tuition or get together a group of 5 friends and learn to cook together. I also offer demonstrations to larger groups, on request.

Past lessons have included:

Chocolate making. (Messy)

Wedding Canapes

Gluten/Dairy Free Cookery

Healthy Eating

Creating New Dinner Party Recipes for a lady running a Guest House

Basic Pastry/Cake Making

Greek Food


Food Hygiene & Baking for a lady starting her own food business.

Lovely recommendation from a client from Frome, Somerset. Feb 2018

small food business, cookery lessons, food hygiene, menu ideas, recipes
“I didn’t think a lesson could be so enjoyable”

Social media for small food businesses..

The list could go on, but I won’t keep you any longer.

All you need to do is contact me for more information. I will devise a bespoke package of your requirements & together we can turn you or your food business into a very special food venue.

I hold a current food hygiene Certificate, am registered with Wiltshire Council as a food business and have a 5* Scores on the Doors Rating.

Have a look at the lovely comments written about us in THE PIG GUIDE February 2018 edition.


Cook shop, home cooking, cook, chef, quick cook
From Basics to Banquets. Cookery Tuition

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