Gardeners delight

Appledore Flower Show

Appledore Horticulture Show

Carnation, pink, Doris pink, fragrant pinks, flower show,
Doris Pink

There’s something about a room full of fragrant flowers and giant veg that attracts me. My imagination goes into overdrive as I walk along the lines of artistically arranged, produce of nature. These exhibits have been carefully planted, fed and watered, over the months, leading up to the flower and produce show. I can almost feel the energy and pride of each person, who has exhibited the fruits and flowers of their labours.

Blooms, floral, floristry, plants, show,
Dahlia Blooms

Appledore Horticulture Society’s Annual Show, was held last Sunday 11th August in the Appledore Community Hall. The day being a damp, more like an October day, was made considerably brighter,by the vast array of colourful exhibits, held within. Paying my entrance fee at the door, I enquired “Can I bring my dog in”? The stern reply “As long as it doesn’t eat anything”. Now, Gypsy being a typical Labrador, stuck…

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