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Diary of a nobody

Daily doings of a ghost

Have you ever felt like a nobody? Everyone does from time to time, but usually we get over it and carry on with our lives in the best way possible.

The current government in England has done its best to makes us all feel like nobodies, under valuing us as a nation, just look at Brexit for example. At the moment of writing, this government does not have a majority and can not make legislation. Which is, from a lot of peoples prospective, a God send.

A few years ago the Conservatives were encouraging people to start their own businesses, in an effort to alleviate unemployment. Just before this, in order to be “fair”, women’s pension age was brought in line with the gentlemen. Prior to this, the fairer sex received their hard earned handouts from the age of sixty years & men at sixty five. Currently for women, the age is gradually increasing to sixty five, but the exact date is dependant on when they were born. From this year the age for both sexes will increase to sixty six years by October 2020, more increases will be incremented between 2026 and 2028. Calculate your State Pension age

Many women born in 1955, were looking forward to receiving their pensions at sixty, they had planned their finances in preparation for the event. Imagine the indignation and disbelief when they discovered they would have to wait another six years for that magic date! Many received no communication on this subject, others felt they were informed at such short notice, they were unable to implement new financial plans, finding themselves in dire circumstances.

A lot of these women, myself included, found themselves having to continue or start employment to supplement the delay in receiving their pensions. People of this age group are at a disadvantage in today’s workplace. A fact denied by the government, but what do they know?

Not to be beaten by the system, many with a lifetime of experience and initiative, decided to safe guard themselves by start their own businesses using money from their hard earned savings to cover start up costs. HMRC have generally recognised that it takes about three years for a new business to show a profit. Many people turned to Tax Credits help their entrepreneurial ideas to turn into fruition. Now. these people now face the next problem. Universal Credit. what an appalling, sole destroying catastrophe that it has turned out to be.

Over the next few weeks I will be documenting, my experience of being forced to forgo tax credits and try to fight the anomalies of this maze of confusion and mayhem which is Universal Credit. A fight in which I will endeavour to share my experiences and advice. There are companies and people who have helped me and those who have not. Find out more in the next instalment

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