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Opening our bedroom door on the second floor of The Camelot Castle Hotel, Cornwall, (we had been upgraded to a sea view, family room,) I was immediately drawn to the two large bay windows framing the magnificent views below:

After the long drive I was ready to dump the suit case & settle into our large bedroom, overlooking those granite cliffs, swelling sea & the ruins of the legendary Camelot Castle. This hotel, as far as I was concerned, had all the home comforts I desired.

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Sweet Dreams
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A girls best friend

Plonking Gypsy’s bed on the floor, she snuffled around the edges of the room, seeking out new aromas, while I familiarised myself with the rooms facilities.

As with the rest of the hotel, the walls were adorned with art by the castles Artist in residence Ted Stourton. Art, of course is a question of personal taste & for me these paintings were amazing, each one, allowing me to escape into my own world of imagination. With each view, I discovered something I had not seen before, or had I? The Artist had created for me, on a canvas, rich applications of colour, allowing me to interpret & indulge my own fantasies, seen within these art works. Something I pondered on over the next few days.

We had booked one of the Camelot Castles special spring offers, leading me to suspect we would not have the best suite in the hotel. Personally speaking, the room was perfectly satisfactory. I had read various negative reviews on Social Media, but, to me, you would get rattling windows in a listed building standing on top of a wind swept cliff! The carpet was a bit thread bare, but who would put someone with a dog (understandably only certain rooms accommodate pets,) in a room laid with the best broadloom?

The bathroom, very clean, but not large I must admit. However, who wants to spend all day in there? It reminded me of a pod on a plane. Whilst I am tall, I am not broad, for me it was perfectly serviceable & provided all the services for my ablutions a bathroom is designed for.

The beds, of which there where four in our room, one double & two singles were perfect, as were the pillows & bed linen. Perfectly clean, soft & providing a good nights sleep after our bracing, daily walks. Our room was cleaned quickly & efficiently on a daily basis. I was a happy bunny.

Refreshments were in order, we retraced our steps to the bar, where afternoon tea was being served. I would bypass the cake at the moment, as I had been sitting down all day but, Oh my, it did look delicious, homemadely [is that a word?] delicious. Now I have a

thing about Mocha, that rich, chocolatey, stand your spoon up in, luscious drink normally served in the morning. In fact I am very fussy about them, [I know, get a life] Not for me sickly sweet syrups or cheap powders, I need the real thing. Chocolate & Espresso Coffee. Camelot Castle Hotel, you really made the Earth move for me. Thank you.

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A proper job

As sure as afternoon tea precedes dinner & breakfast follows a night-cap, our four days at The Camelot Castle Hotel were filled with bracing, healthy exercise & leisurely breakfasts in the dinning room, overlooking the sea. Afternoons were spent reading & snoozing in front of log fires in the splendid Great Hall, while evenings held the delights of home made food in Irina’s Brassiere. We feasted on locally caught salmon fish pie followed by a little libation. Ok, you’ve got me on this, a lot of libations. I would thoroughly recommend a stay at The Camelot Castle Hotel, Tintagel, Cornwall.

I hope you enjoyed this blog as much as I enjoyed my stay at this amazing hotel. Thank you to Mr & Mrs Mappin, Artist in residence Ted Stourton & all of the Staff at The Camelot Castle Hotel. Hope to see you again in October

If you would like to find out more about this Hotel and Artist Ted Stourton please click the links below:

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Recipe creation

Camelot Castle Hotel, Tintagel.

Camelot Castle Hotel, Cornwall, Welcome

Posting on Instagram one dull January day I came across a post for The Camelot Castle Hotel, Tintagel. Now, Cornwall with its mystic legends & wild landscape has always held a fascination for me & this Neo-Norman Style hotel, standing in a prominent clifftop location, the Atlantic Ocean crashing far below, conjured up visions of Manderly. Ok, a Tudor Manor it wasn’t, but it would certainly do for me. Having booked a special three night stay with furry friend (an added plus) I took a quick look on TripAdvisor for reviews, as expected they were mixed. The idea for this blog was born and the following review relates to my personal view of The Camelot Castle Hotel. An experience of pure joy & pleasure.

Setting off from Wiltshire I decided to avoid the motorway & meandered along the more scenic route of the A303 & across Bodmin Moor. A thick fog enfolded the landscape & The Hound of the Baskerville’s came to mind, my furry friend obviously felt it too, as she started howling like a Werewolf! Being a soul with a strong constitution, I motored slowly on, descending through the mist into sunlight & followed the signs to Tintagel.

Tintagel is a small village on the North coast of Cornwall, given over almost entirely to commercialism, in particular, as one would expect, to the legend of King Arthur & the Knights of the round table. There are many beautiful walks around the village, along the cliffs & on the coastal path. The short video clip below shows the cove where Merlin’s cave disappears into the granite cliff face, this is just a 10min walk from The Camelot Castle Hotel.

At the end of the village we knew we had arrived. The castle in front of us was to be our home for the next four days & what a home it was. At reception we were greeted by the helpful receptionist Agata, who cheerfully issued our keys & gave us a quick tour of the amazing public rooms. A menu for Irina’s Restaurant & the separate Brassiere was proffered & putting best foot & paws forward we climbed the imposing, open well stone staircase complete with iron balusters & mahogany rail, to our second floor, sea view room. While the rest of Tintagel may be seeped in tourism, this hotel is certainly not. Although the name has been changed from King Arthur’s Castle!

I think its fair to say that you need to absorb the atmosphere and open your heart & mind to the beauty, romanticism, & inspirational creativity, of this unique treasure.

The building, designed by the most prominent Cornish architect of the 19th Century Silvanus Trevail, took five years to complete and opened at Easter 1899. Stars & luminaries of the Victorian & Edwardian Era sought out Camelot Castle, bringing with them their staff & friends for summer & Christmas house parties. ‘The knights of the Round Table’ staring Ava Gardener & ‘Dracula’ staring Sir Lawrence Olivier were filmed at Camelot.

In 1999 the Grade 11 listed castle, was acquired as a private residence for the Mappin family along with the adjoining lands & estates. Observing how others & their friend, Artist Ted Stourton’s creativity had blossomed John & Irina Mappin took the decision to open their home to guests, enabling similar minded people to develop their creativity in the tranquil spaces of their beautiful home.

Now, nearly eighteen years later, while still a family home, my furry friend & I had the opportunity of being guests at this hotel, which is still, in some parts, undergoing a full historic restoration.

Off particular interest to me was the lounge with its double 3-bay colonnade of polished Devonian limestone columns on carved freestone bases. Late C19 polychromatic chimney-pieces, complete with tiles & cast iron stoves are lit on cold evenings allowing one to laze at leisure with a glass of wine & reflect on the large art works by Ted Stourton, which adorn the walls. Sitting there, furry friend at my feet, a large Merlot in hand, I truly felt that I had “come home”.

If you have been, thank you for reading my review.

Join me & my furry friend next week for the second part of this blog:

Home Comforts

Wandering in Wiltshire

Off goes the alarm. Yuk, I pull the covers over my head & bury myself in the downy softness of my duvet.

A soft thud is accompanied by a short series of delicate twitches, followed by a frenzied scrabbling. My toes feel a waft of cold air & a wet sloppy tongue licks them. Yep. you’ve guessed it. My faithful friend desperately wants to partake of her early morning ablutions & I need to get up.

Labrador, gun dog, retriever, Wiltshire, walking
My faithful hound

Kettle on – need tea before I go-, while I attend to my own rituals. Gypsy, my faithful hounds name, patiently waits outside the bathroom door. When I emerge she follows me to the kitchen in the hopes of a morsel of food. She is unlucky. Always hopeful, she is well aware that breakfast is served on our return & it has a proviso. She needs to be obedient & not turn a deaf ear to my recalls.

Down the stairs, woolly hat, coat and boots on – me that is not the dog- I paws for thought I have put her harness on, but what about her lead? is there anyone about? are the dogs from the Manor out? Hmm, better be on the safe side, I click on here lead & we are off.

Gypsy, dog, Great Chalfield Manor, gardens,
“A little sun bathing” me thinks!

I am lucky enough to live in the beautiful grounds of Great Chalfield Manor, however like all good things in life, it has its draw backs where Gypsy is concerned. While I love her to bits, she does have her moments. Gypsy is a 21 month old, bouncy black Labrador full of spirit & mischief, with a penchant for deafness when the mood takes her. She can hear the rattle of a biscuit packet at a 100 paces, but the cry “Gypsy come”, -unless food related-, has her bounding about like a kangaroo & very vociferous she is too.

Now. my landlord, a cheerful chap & his good lady wife are very tolerant pair, where Gypsy is concerned. Should my hound spot their dogs, Orla & Ming, she’s off. Ming, being the distinguished old lady she is, responds with a sharp snap, of which Gypsy totally ignores & Orla being a young lady, tends to be a bit more physical. “this is my patch” Orla barks, Gypsy’s response being “I want to play, chase me pleaseeee”. So. off I go trying to capture my errant mutt who is completely oblivious to my calls. Around the gardens we go, through the lake, into the Manor – yes, expletives are used by me – finally to be caught by my landlord who lured her into the boot room with a dog treat, allowing me to firmly attach her to the lead. It gives people watching a giggle, but leaves me feeling worn out & determined to do more training. Dog training that is, not marathon training for me.

In the short video clip above, you can follow us over the fields at Great Chalfield & have a preview of the delights we came home to recipes for which can be found at the Recipes page of this site.

We will be back with more rambles in a couple of weeks.

In the meantime:

Gypsy COME.

#Recipe Spicy Chickpea, Parsnip – Aubergine

Hey check out this video I made with Quik:

Taste our Food

Our little Coach House in the Grounds of Great Chalfield Manor, re-pens on Easter Sunday, 1st April 2018 12.30 – 3.30. We hope to welcome you there. For enquires please call : 07778 157375 or e-mail

From 1st April – 30th October 2018 you can taste our fresh homemade food at The Coach House in the beautiful grounds of Great Chalfield Manor, Nr Melksham, Wiltshire.

Tea, home made, cakes, light lunches, Trufleicious Medieval Manor House & Gardens Wiltshire

You may also be able to meet our furry friends at Chalfield. Orla, Gypsy & especially a sweet little terrier called MING who’s bark is worse than her bite!

Dogs, Labrador, Lady of the Manor Afternoon all

Our light lunches, soups, cakes, desserts & chocolates are freshly made our converted Stables Kitchen & served from the Coach House.

I am open from 12.30 – 3.30 on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays and Sundays.  As I am an independent, sole trader the food is freshly cooked in small batches by me from my own recipes & served by me from the Coach house.  Our style of cooking is fresh, vegetarian & healthy with a few naughty bits on the side. All dietary requirements are…

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