Wandering in Wiltshire

Off goes the alarm. Yuk, I pull the covers over my head & bury myself in the downy softness of my duvet, another 10 mins I think.

A soft thud is accompanied by a short series of delicate twitches followed by a frenzied scrabbling. My toes feel a waft of cold air & a wet sloppy tongue licks them. Yep. you’ve guessed it. My faithful friend desperately wants to partake of her early morning ablutions & I have to get up.

Labrador, gun dog, retriever, Wiltshire, walking
My faithful hound

Kettle on – need tea before I go – I attend to my own morning rituals. Gypsy, my faithful hound patiently waits outside the bathroom door. When I emerge she follows me to the kitchen in the hopes of a morsel of food. She is unlucky. Always hopeful, she is well aware that breakfast is served on our return & it has a proviso. She needs to be obedient & not turn a deaf ear to my recalls.

Down the stairs, woolly hat, coat and boots on – me that is not the dog – I paws for thought.  Gypsy’s harness is on, but what about her lead? is there anyone about? are the dogs from the Manor out? Hmm, better be on the safe side, I click on her lead & away we go.

Gypsy Frosty Feild 2

I am lucky enough to live in the beautiful grounds of Great Chalfield Manor. However, like all good things in life, it has its draw backs where Gypsy is concerned. While I love her to bits she does have her moments.  Gypsy, is a 21 month old bouncy black Labrador, full of spirit & mischief, also with a penchant for deafness when the mood takes her. She can hear the rattle of a biscuit packet at a 100 paces, but the cry “Gypsy come” – unless food related – has her bounding about like a kangaroo & very vociferous she is too.

Now. my landlord, a cheerful chap & his good lady wife are very tolerant pair where Gypsy is concerned.  Should my hound spot their dogs, Orla & Ming, she’s off. Ming, being the distinguished old lady she is, responds with a sharp snap, of which Gypsy totally ignores & Orla being a young lady tends to be a bit more physical. “this is my patch” Orla  barks, Gypsy’s response being “I want to play, chase me pleaseeee”.  So. off I go trying to capture my errant mutt who is completely oblivious to my calls. Around the gardens we go, through the lake, into the Manor – yes, expletives are used by me –  until finally she is caught by my landlord who lured her into the boot room with a dog treat, allowing me to firmly attach her lead. I am sure it gives people a giggle, but leaves me feeling worn out & determined to do more training. Dog training that is, not marathon training for me. Finally we are ready to go for our walk. Of course this isn’t a daily occurrence, but just as I think she has got the hang of things & is prepared to listen, the whole scenario starts over again.

In the short video clip below, you can follow us over the fields at Great Chalfield & have a preview of the delights we came home to recipes for which can be found at the Recipes page of this site.

We will be back with more rambles in a couple of weeks.

In the mean time “Gypsy COME”.

Wiltshire. walks, gypsy, Labrador, dogs
New Smells

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