Dying for Dessert

Though you may like this #recipe, which is equally good served hot as a #Sunday #Lunch dessert, or cold as a #tea time 2treat

Boozy Pork Chops

#Boozy #Pork #Chops an easy #recipe for a warming winter dish. May be not for #dryjanuary

Recipe for the Spice of life

Hopefully, the #recipe I am going to give you below will not only help you to get #creative with some #vegetables, but it may also help you save #money.

Post Christmas Fatigue

Your waist band may have got a little tighter & its a certainty the only thing that has got lighter is your purse. #loveyourleftovers #recipes

Get Stuffing.

This weeks #recipe is #STUFFING. Three #recipes to help you add a different way to “Stuff that bird”. Each week until the end of #January we will be giving you new recipes to help you #loveyourleftovers

Halloween Butternut Squash

If you are having a #Halloween or #Bonfire party, this #recipe looks brilliant served in a #pumpkin shell or individual halved, different coloured #gourd shells.

Free Food Bonanza

We all know the old favourites #Blackberry & #Apple Pie/Crumble, Elderberry #Wine etc but what about some of the more unusual things you can make with your #foraged #food?

Time out

On ordering a Bombay Sapphire & tonic, I was informed that I should “try the Pink Gin with a slice of orange”

Summer Food

Maybe you grow your own #herbs & veg to make your own #salads & dressings. Serve them with this light summery dish, made the night before. Toss a salad on the day & serve with my Small batch, #Artisan, #Fennel & Sesame #Bread.

Chocolate & Peanut Butter

It’s been a busy few weeks in my Stable #Kitchen. Dreaming about #chocolate & #peanut #butter one night – there are worst dreams -, I have created this decadent #dessert, just for you.

Princess Camilla

#Megan wasn’t the only person to have a fairy tale day. Another little #Princess celebrated her 5th #birthday today

Food, as you like it

Listening to the phone in #comments, it got me thinking. What do we mean by good #food? How terrible does the #Waiter/Waitress have to be, to be described as bad & how long is a protracted wait for your #bill?

Whats it all about

Originally posted on TRUFFLEiciousteaches.com:
The Low Fodmap Diet. So, what is it all about?  FODMAP stands for Fermentable Oligosaccharides Disaccharides Monosaccarides & Polyols. Fermentable: Carbohydrates. are the sugars which are easily fermented in your digestive system. They include all of the short chains of sugar molecules mentioned below: Oligosaccharides:  Carbohydrates. Are a saccharide polymer…

Fodmap foods

Originally posted on TRUFFLEiciousteaches.com:
The Fodmap diet day 4 OK guys. Low Foodmap foods, do you know which they are?  Have you already identified foods that give you uncomfortable bloating, wind & possibly pain?  Yesterday, I shared with you some of the foods I have noticed, over a period of time, cause me problems.…